"The Choice Is Yours" - Teen Pregnancy Prevention (P.S.A.)

"The Choice Is Yours", public service announcement conceptualized and starring the L.O.F.T.Y Crew, the Center for Black Women's Wellness Teen Leadership Council. This 60 second spot features two high school friends who make two different choices about sex that change their lives.


Masturbation: Totally Normal

If you’re between the ages of 9 and 14, you’ve probably started to experience puberty, or the physical and emotional changes that happen when your body changes from a child to a young adult. Then again, you may not have. Either way, don’t worry. It’s okay to be curious about your body

What Are Abstinence and Outercourse?

You may have heard people talk about abstinence in different ways. Some people think of abstinence as not having vaginal intercourse. They may enjoy other kinds of sex play that don't lead to pregnancy. This is better described as outercourse.