How To Be A LGBTQIA+ Ally

How can you support your LGBTQIA+ friends and loved ones? Watch the full video to learn more!


5 creative ways to come out as bisexual in 2018

5 creative ways to come out as bisexual in 2018 - Hey gays and gals! Today I decided to share some creative ways to come out as bisexual! As a bisexual myself I know coming out can be difficult so I tried my best to provide some easy, lighthearted conversation starters! I also went out naked in the rain so there's that. I love you all so much and hope you're having a rad week!

Coming Out LGBTQ+

It’s totally normal to have questions about sexual orientation, so it’s okay if you’re wondering about who you are and feel attracted to! Some people know their sexual orientation at a very young age and others don’t know until they are much older.

A Record Number of American Adults Identify as LGBTQ

The number of adults who identify as LGBTQ has nearly doubled since 2012, and Gen Z adults are driving the boom. Color of Change president Rashad Robinson joins Jonathan Capehart to discuss what the future of equality looks like as states like Florida and Texas ramp up their attacks on LGBTQ kids.