Put a cork in them tweeters, return your facebook to the library, let the tumblrweed blow in the wind, and prepare yourself for a totally awesome meet and greet with fictional characters that exist only within the confines of this internet page and your imaginations.

I know you’ve been thinking “Why am I on this website?”, or “Is that a condom? Why is it smiling at me?” 

Yes indeed my dear cadets, that condom is smiling at you and that apple does have trouble seeing without those glasses. These are some resident mentors here on the Project U website. 

We gathered some of our homies right here so you could meet them! Get to know the “U crew” and then I promise to let you go check out the video feature for the week or wherever you were about to go. 

Now let’s see, we are going to start off with … 

Professor Knowsitall 

Professor Knowsitall may look like a nerdy apple but do not let this appearance fool you. The Professor is not only an expert on the body, but can answer your questions about complicated relationships, and more. Do you have any questions about the hormonal effects of being on the pill? Questions about STDs and what they can do to you? Just ask! Professor Knowsitall may seem a bit stern at times, but will always make time for you. 

The horrific result of a science experiment attempting to make banana protection sleeves. Rolland is the mentor in our crew that you go to if you are looking for protection. Thick, thin, sensitive, or made of steel, Rolland can find you the perfect body armor to protect you from such harsh-mellows as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV, and whatever else might be lurking out there. Latex, polyurethane, other nameless synthetic materials, Rolland knows how to make sure you feel comfortable and covered. Think of Rolland as a superhero outfitter.

Jollies also has questions about his body, boys, girls, and relationships that he can’t answer without a little help from mentors.  He is not quite sure how everything works, but knows something is changing. He does not know how a condom works and he still does not know what HIV or AIDS stands for, but hears about it on TV and online. Jollies is learning, just like you are right now. Either way, know that you are not alone on your journey towards educating yourself on these subjects. Jollies is right there with you.


Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV for short) is part of the retrovirus family. Lets just say it is a bad apple and the rest of its friends are not the types you want to be hanging around. HIV likes to live in your body and it can eventually give you a condition called AIDS. We recommend you stay away from HIV and figure out the ways to avoid it on your way home from school. Luckily, Rolland is around to help you out. 

We will be introducing other characters from time to time so don’t neglect us entirely! Until next time remember to make smart decisions, stay safe, and still find a little room for fun. 

Project U. Go learn!

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