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Happy New Year! Okay so we are in mid-January, but still, it is the first month of the year 2013. We are back to having that “tabula rasa”. The blank slate. That phrase is so refreshing for me personally, because I picture myself holding a blank slate and literally drawing all the things I want to achieve this year. But where do we start?

Yes, I did begin the new year with a diet, new clothes, new friends, and a new perspective. All the things on that “Universal New Year’s Resolutions Checklist.” But is that enough to keep the snowballing effect going? I don’t want to get stuck in that position of being lazy again and doing all the things I said I would stop doing. And neither should you.

I think the most important thing we should realize is how important it is to do the things which keep us mentally and physically healthy. When I say mentally healthy, I’m talking about all the things we can choose to feed our minds with. Try a mega Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter purge and eliminate all the things you’ve posted or others have posted that will remind you of some depressing thought or angry moment. If you’re in a fight with a friend or have some sort of unresolved conflict going on, you may think it’s not affecting you, but it is. Find that closure with your best friend, even if that means forgiving them and walking away. Try a better attitude to avoid the whole depression thing...starting this year.

Take care of your body: Ok so you don’t have to go on a crazy diet or worry about fitting into a smaller size. Just try to make sure you balance your meals, avoiding too many sweets for example, and get some exercise. Find something you like doing, like a dance cardio or yoga class, or simply going for a run with your friend in the park. There are videos on Youtube so you can do simple exercises right from your room!

Stay away from alcohol and drugs: So I’m fully aware that I’m not gonna be the one to stop you from making certain choices, because after all, they are your choices. But I can tell you that just when you think a joint or some vodka is gonna cheer you up and make you feel better, here’s the reality: it's been proven that these will make you feel worse on the inside and afterwards. Plus, other people tend to be attracted to people who are in control of their life and don’t rely on stuff to make them someone else. I would personally rather have go to a party with someone who’s gonna dance with me sober than with someone who is going to be sloppy or not themselves. Most of the time, substance abuse is related to depression...but who wants to be sad? So...

If you’re stressed out, ask for help from your parents, teachers, friends, or anyone you think of. The worst thing you can do is isolate yourself, so talk to people! Call up your friends and go out, or order some pizza and make it a Netflix night! You’re bound to laugh with your friends, and laughter is definitely the only healthy, addictive medicine.

Be physically and emotionally healthy! Do it for yourself, because if there is anytime in life you can be selfish, it’s when it comes to your happiness.

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