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UCLA Sex Squad? I didn’t know we had that type of class on campus! When do we meet? Where do we meet? What do I need to do to register? What is Sex Squad exactly?... these are the type of questions I had before joining.

We are a team and super heroic (sort of). The UCLA Sex Squad is a performance team made up exclusively of college students from any and every major on the UCLA campus. In the course of a year we create a multi-media, interdisciplinary show that covers sexual health topics, like how to put on a condom, fluids for HIV transmission, and LGBTQ issues. And we also talk about things like substance abuse and relationships.

We “tour” the show around Los Angeles; performing our show for any school that will have us. Basically if you are ever near the auditorium and hear someone yell “PENIS!” super loud, that’s probably us.

WAIT... I have not even introduced myself! My name is Sebastian, I am a World Arts and Cultures Major at UCLA, and this is my second year on the Squad. I am originally from San Diego and I am Latino. I got involved because I believe that sex should be talked about in the open and in terms that everybody understands. I got my sex education from my 50-year-old gym teacher whose only advice to the class in an entire semester was “I’ll tell you what my mother told me. Roddy, keep it in your pants.” But, everyone knows there’s more to sex education than abstinence. There’s even more to sex education than sex itself!

When we create a Sex Squad show we try to think about the questions that we had when we were coming of age and learning about our bodies, other people’s bodies; our emotions, other people’s emotions. What does a healthy relationship look like? Is my body weird? Am I a freak because of what turns me on? Sex is like any other topic that you might have questions about (Chemistry, Physics, it’s got all of that really) and while the Squad is by no means made up of experts we certainly pride ourselves on being able to talk to you and be real.

Sex is complicated, Sex Squad tries to make it a little less confusing in a way that doesn’t feel like a math lecture. If you ever see us in your school come holler and ask us a question. We look forward to performing some mad awesome art for you!

Hit us up at for personal/anonymous questions or concerns! And check out some of our videos right here on this website.

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