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Academics. Did I just lose your attention? I know, I know. Who wants to hear yet another person nag about how it’s important to keep our grades up? I didn’t. Until now that I’m a senior and I realized how familiar my problems are to the ones from last year’s seniors...and the year before that...why didn’t I listen?

Like when it comes to grades. I’ve had teachers tell me a C is ok, it’s average. But if you ask a college that receives thousands of applications with people getting straight A’s only...they won’t share the same idea. So try to keep your A’s and B’s and you can get to some of the best schools you want to.

Another thing is when we sit at the end of freshman or sophomore year, choosing the classes we want to take the next year with our counselors, and sometimes we make mistakes that could cost us a whole lot in the end. Like when sophomore year my counselors decided it would be ok for me to just not take a science that year. Seemed normal, a bunch of people were doing it, but now that I’m in the process of applying to colleges, it actually hurts my record that I didn’t take the right sciences when I was supposed to. The point is, plan to take most of the requirements you need the first two years- that way senior year can be a little easier and you’re not sitting in a class with none of your friends.

People have this tendency of picturing straight A’s on the nerdy kids who have no social life and read for fun. But it’s actually a lot easier than it seems. How many times have your parents not let you go out because of your grades? So basically, if you actually keep your grades up, you’ll get more privileges.

So take the time to set up your planner and write down all the tasks you need to do, whether it’s homework, a project, studying for a test, or making sure you speak with your counselor about any questions you might have. Then the next step is to go and do those things so you can cross them off your list! It’s the beginning of second semester, which means you have a fresh start and a new chance to start of with the grades you want.

We’re young adults, so we do have to start acting like it, and take charge of our lives-it’s actually really rewarding in the end!

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